Let's Paint Together!

You've taken my drawing e-course, Shayda's Introduction to Floral Illustration. Now you're interested in adding watercolor to all those lovely flowers you drew! Enter this light-hearted and educational, hour-long workshop with your gal, Shayda Campbell!

The workshop is in real-time, so not only will you see every single brushstroke and enjoy a realistic pace, but it will feel as though we're just two friends sitting together for an afternoon of painting fun!

A Workshop That Feels Like Painting with a Friend

Available in days
days after you enroll

Join the Fun for Just $20!

Play With Paint

Add depth and drama to your floral illustrations with a splash of watercolor paint.

Bring Your Drawings to Life

Get comfortable with the watercolor medium by simply 'coloring' your own drawings.

And Have a Bit of Fun!

This is a real-time lesson. Paint along at a chilled out pace and spend some time with Shayda.